Thursday, April 21, 2005

Shake Your Booty

Parker had crafts class at Parks and Rec tonight, so the Daddy, Mommy and Emma headed to Walmart to kill time. On the way she starts singing, "Shake your booty, Shake your booty downtown" and starts to wiggle in her seat. Between each line taking breaks to alert us of what color the stop lights were and what they meant. (According to Parker yellow means gun it and Emma said it means slow down). Anyway, Emma loves to wear her big girl Care Bear underwear (over her diaper). I told her she can pick out new underwear if she goes on the potty. She was very excited when she saw all of the underwear at the store, but we explained no new underwear till there is some potty action. I need to stop being so lazy and work with her on it. She's a smart little stinker but also stubborn, so of course she wants things to happen on her own sweet time. After picking up P from class (they learned about trees and he painted a picture), we treated the kids to chicken nuggets and French Fries. While waiting for Daddy at McD's, Emma started singing ABCDEFGHIJK ELMO P, QRXTCBWXYZ! She loves to sing and seems to pick up any song fast. Parker is really starting to love to sing too (of course only when he feels like it). He loves singing to the Doodlebops and he's singing at church on Sunday with his class.

Raining like crazy here, no outside time for the kids again!

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Robin said...

I saw your blog at 2Peas today--I say good luck and I feel like I am in your shoes with the potty training. We had "potty action" Monday morning, but I was "too busy" the rest of the week to deal with it--I was making excuses and so today I go to buy another box of diapers (last box, this time I swear) Ha!