Saturday, April 30, 2005


We had our first soccer practice today. I double and triple checked and it wasn't cancelled. I said let's get ready for soccer, but P said it was cancelled. It took convincing from mommy that it was still on. He didn't do too bad. Not really getting the "don't pick up the ball concept" but overall I think he did ok. Has a good long kick, still working on our short game. There was an annoying girl in his group that everytime he did anything good or bad she had to yell it out to the coach, but guess that's the way things go. It was still pretty windy and cold today, so he went again in his soccer stocking hat, sweats, shin guards and even soccer underwear. Right at the end a kid accidentally kicked a ball into his shoulder (the kid said sorry), but then Parker came over to me and said I'm tired, I want to go home. Practice was over so then in the van he says let's go to the park, so then we played there for a half hour and probably would have stayed longer if it wasn't for the need of a potty break.

Daddy's girl and Daddy ventured to Menards for some guy stuff. Daddy also got her some pink Looney Tunes pullups since he is suddenly a daddy on a mission to get her potty trained. Good luck with that! They just went outside to play with him, so since I have a few mintues thought I'd write.

Might try to go to the circus this weekend, but it's either mid afternoon or evening. In the afternoon Emma is sleeping and in the evening Parker is ready for bed, so we'll see.

On our computer anyway, to see the pics better if you right click and then click Refresh Quality on Picture you can seen them better.

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