Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Exciting food news at our house tonight. They each ate a small piece of roast. This was a huge deal and Steve and I clapped and said how proud we were they tried it. Parker especially feels very proud of himself whenever something like this happens. Last night he tried a few pieces of corn, although it was a no go on the meatloaf for either of them and they freaked out, so they got some "quiet"times in there room. Emma lately is usually a little stinker at suppertime, ahhh...two years old....

All headed to the grocery store tonight, the kids love to go. Didn't even get upset when the car carts were taken.

Sunday P sang in church and even wore his shirt and tie. It didn't trap him this time. During practice he was really up there shaking it. He starting grooving during church and then this kid that annoys him stood by him, so he kept the shaking to a minimum after that. All 4 of us even managed to sit thru church. There were so many kids there that only the people in the back could her Emma's non-church voice. Emma was also dressed up in her new pink jean miniskirt, a ponytail and her pink butterfly purse. Unfortunately didn't have the camera to take a pic of Emma saying, "I'm so cute!" Did get a pic of P in his tie and will post another time.

Well Amazing Race is on...gotta go!

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The Mom said...

Yippee, way to go Parker and Emma on the roast! Aunt Steph is proud of you.