Monday, April 18, 2005

What's The Starting Bid on Buying the Children, Please!

Daddy and Emma went shopping while P and I were at Sunday School today. Emma needed some new church shoes. She said she didn't like anyone of them (both kids like to argue just for the sake of arguing most of the time), but eventually he just picked some cute white sandals. He also picked up Parker a soccer ball. He starts Tiny Kickers next Saturday. We spent a lot of today outside kicking the ball. It was gorgeous outside today, actually got really hot out. He has a pretty good kick for not having any older brothers to show him the ropes and neither Steve nor I are very athletic.

Tonight our church was having an auction to raise money for a trip the youth are going on. The kids of course lost interest in a fairly short amount of time, so they spent time playing in the rocks right outside where we were seating. Towards the end though they took off to the other side of the church, so we were glad the auction was about over. We missed a couple good deals because of chasing the kids around, but in the end we did bid on and win some babysitting services. She's babysit for us in the past, sucker!!!!!

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