Monday, April 11, 2005

It's Raining it's Pouring....

Has rained most of the day. Have a pretty good rain/wind storm going on right now. Parker couldn't understand tonight why he couldn't go outside. Usually he wants to stay inside, so of course when he can't, then it sounds like a good idea. He informed me tonight that I'm being too weird and I need to stop that. Steve said he also let out a big burp tonight and said, "I sound just like Katie!" Kate is our sitter's teenage daugheter. Guess they either learn this stuff at daycare or at school! Steve said Emma was in the family room playing with her dolls and he heard her say, "Hi Emma. Hi Mom. Hi Doodlebug." She was doing the voices and my nickname for her is doodlebug. Too cute.

Late afternoon on Sunday we headed to Banner Lake, a new state park near our house. Daddy and the kids were going to try a little fishing. We have one little kid pole and both of them love to use it. They even took turns. They just don't understand that you need to leave your bait in the water for awhile. They also both want to cast, so the bait and hook were taken off fairly soon after we got there. Daddy did catch a bass and a few bluegill type fish. He had a pretty good sized bass on his line, but it came off. The kids even touched the fish and thought it was pretty cool. The camera is in the truck, so until it stops raining, I won't be posting any fish pics!

P did inform us that next time he and daddy will go in the boat, he'll wear his orange vest and Mommy and Emma will stay home. Okey dokey then!

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