Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'll go with Daddy, Emma can go with Mommy

After asking all week if he could go fishing, Parker and Daddy headed out in the boat last night. He was very excited to go. I made Steve take the camera and he was able to get a couple pictures of him catching his fish. He reeled it in and everything, even with a fancy adult reel. Daddy said they had just hit a good spot on the lake when P had to pee. They headed back to shore to use the bathroom and when they got there it was locked. Parker said "We need to get a key." So instead P got to pee on a tree. He's not real big on the idea of doing his business outside yet, but guess when you gotta go, you gotta go. I asked him when they got back how many fish he caught and he said sadly "Two, but I wanted to catch three fish." He sometimes gets upset when he feels like he loses and didn't do things the way he planned to.

While he was fishing, Emma said she wanted to go with Mommy in the van. So we headed to town and stopped at the library. The minute she walked in, in her gigantic Emma voice she yells, "Wow, look at all the books!" Then she saw the painted animals chairs and was very excited to see them as well. I told her we need to talk quietly in the library, so she did tone her shouting down a little. Emma is still working on getting an "inside" voice. We then stopped at the park and ended up being there for almost 2 hours. No pics since Steve had the camera :-( She has no fear, so was climbing all over everything. She loves it when there are other kids around to play with. She was filthy, sweaty and had a great time. She kept yelling, "I'm having fun!" Finally convinced her to head home. She has nice, fresh bruises on her legs today. It rained a bit here today, but cleared off and the kids were able to get outside for awhile today too. I think there favorite activity is play hide and seek with Cooper. I'm not so sure that's Cooper favorite activity.

I even acted somewhat domestic today and just got done making cookies. Got a couple books at the library for me, so am already half way thru one and hoping to finish up tonight. I have a hard time putting a book down if it's interesting.

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