Friday, April 29, 2005

On a Roll!

Add grapes to the list of new foods Parker has tried now. Emma loves grapes, but stores them up like a chipmunk. We didn't make them eat roast tonight!

Parker's latest obsession is a hand held Connect 4 game that Roofs got him. He's getting really good at it, I think he beats the computer more times than I do. He likes to run the kitchen timer (his bday present from Gma Beymer) while playing Connect 4. (I'd have done the exact same thing as a child, he's a game nerd like me)

Emma got a little tot spot type Barbie chair from a friend from works daughter that she couldn't use anymore. It's covered in flowers and I was afraid it'd give E a heart attack. (My new tablecloth covered in flowers about did). She loved it. When Daddy said Emma did you get a new Barbie chair, she said sternly"No daddy, it's a flower chair."

On an up note I was able to get Parker's chocolate pudding lip print off the butt of my pants from yesterday. Still trying to get the chocolate ice cream out of Emma's shirt from a different day. I hate stains, they win almost every time.

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