Thursday, April 14, 2005

An Apple A Day

Emma loves apples. Daddy always carefully peels and cuts them up for her. He says, "She can't eat the skins yet, she's too little." Well tonight she got out a huge Golden Delicious and bite right in. She ate all of it and I had to take it away from her before she ate the core. Parker will eat his required bite or two at supper but that's it. She should have a full belly tonight when she sleeps. Parker actually ate chicken that wasn't in nugget form the other night. We kept explaining it was the same just without the coating, but he disagreed. He did finally eat a couple bites and then I think was pretty proud of himself. He's getting good about trying new things even if it's just a bite. Emma is hit or miss. But judging from her "womenly" figure she's not starving! I'm pooped so no more blogging tonight. I will say that I talked my sister into setting up a blog. She has the funniest kids and they are so photogenic!

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