Thursday, June 02, 2005

Get Your Groove On

Making this quick as I need to leave for work in 10 minutes and P isn't even up yet.

Took the kids to Walmart last night to get a few things. Daddy was mowing, so I went at it alone. Now that they are older it's usually not too bad. The biggest thing is usually Emma wants to push the cart and both want in and out of the cart a bunch. They see things they want, but so far when I say no they are ok with it.

I was getting diapers and pullups and right by there and there is a thing that plays kids music. They ran over and started grooving. They were so funny. There'd be a slow one so they'd so it down, or when the Chicken Dance game on they went nuts. Emma started spinning herself so fast she fell down. After a few minutes, began my task of getting them to leave their new jukebox. Amazingly, no one cried. It took a few attempts, but eventually they moved on.

Out of the mouth of Emma last night:
"I'm drinky." I said, "You're stinky?" She said "no stinky" and made actions like she was drinking.

On the potty as she stalled before bedtime last night. "No I can't go to bed, I'm reading my libraries." She sat for about a half hour on the potty, reading away. Got some great pics, so will try to post later. And still no potty action....

My last sister has made the move to blog.

Well off to get P man up.

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