Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Anyone for A Pop Tart??

Ok two posts in one day. I was cleaning out our "junk" basket and came across some Shrek tokens I had been saving from Pop Tart boxes so they could get free Shrek or Donkey covers for their bike helmets. I looked up to see how many I need and I am one token short. They are on the top of some Pop Tart boxes, but now I one see Pirates on the boxes at the stores. (Parker wants to get the pirate clock too so if anyone has any of the pirate coins, save those for me too please). But anyway if anyone has any Pop Tarts at home could you check to see if there is a Shrek token. Or if you happen to see any at the store give me a shout. If I only get one helmet cover...they're gonna fight over it!


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