Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just the Facts Ma'am....

Starting to slip on this blog thing a bit so I'll just update with a few "facts" from the last few days.

* Parker got a speaking part in his music program at school next Thursday. His line is about snowpants...riveting! Also found out Krista Madsen's daughter is in his class. Small world!

* I was doing a layout about Parker and was using a facts card so I had him get on the scale to see how much he weighed. I about died. He's at 54 lbs. He has no hips, no butt and skinny arms..where is all this weight? He is really solid though, guess it's all He is 48 inches tall and Miss Emma is almost 46 inches and is 48 lbs.

* Parker went hunting for the first time on Sunday back home. It was pretty nice out so half of his camoflauge stayed home. The whole thing makes me a little nervous, but it sounds like he and daddy had a great time. They didn't see a thing, not even a squirrel.

* Miss Emma is really starting to read a lot. Awesome parent I am hadn't really noticed, but in my defense she refused to read for me at home and would only do it for the teachers at school. The other day she finally read to me and she was pretty proud of herself. She can't read every word, but is doing pretty well for a preschooler. They are giving her some one on one reading time each day at school. Neither of them wanted to be read to when they were little so how I got two early readers I'm not sure. Plus they were formula fed!

* Had a great time at the crop Saturday. I was very impressed on how it was organized and will definitely go again if they have it. I even won a door prize..of course Steph won two, but what's new? I got 6 layouts done and started on a mini album about myself. I did the layouts for some mag calls so we'll see if I get any love.

* I did find out today that a beaded bracelet I made with be in the March/April issue of Bead Trends Magazine. I was just messing around with some beads and made a few things the other month and two have already gotten picked up. Guess maybe I should make some I need one more hobby, since I never get much time to scrap it seems the way it is! I also found out I made it to the 2nd round of the Daisy D's design team contest. It sounds like a lot of people did though, so hoping for the best. If not, I'm a big girl and won't cry! I'll just comfort myself by buying more supplies!

* I'm sure I'm missing something since I haven't posted in awhile and still need to post some pics. There's always tomorrow.....

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