Monday, November 19, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Two fun things happened to me today!

1-Opened my mailbox and found a bunch of Rusty Pickle goodies that Jill ( had RP send me. It's the Princess Pirate line (, then click on CHA Summer 2007)- papers, stickers, chipboard, you name it! It's pink and black, two of my fave scrap colors. I had bought a couple princess books to alter at MB on Saturday just because I liked them and they will be perfect for this line so I can't wait to get started! I think I'm going to list the ways that E is a pirate and list the ways she is a princess on one of them. I'm thinking I have a picture of her in an eye patch. If not I need to find the patch and snap away! Thanks again Jill!!!

2- Ran to the grocery store while P was at TKD to get a few things I needed for my Tgiving desserts and a few things for the tailgate on Saturday and picked up some beer. Guess who got ID'd?? And I don't think it was even a sympathy ask! She looked at it and said "wow." I used my manners and said thank you.

These two things totally offset the fact that the usual people were annoying me at work today and that I am still having tire issues on the van.

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