Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tag - You're It!

I've been tagged by Jill (someone from my hometown who is getting to be a very well known scrapper!) . I can't seem to get hyperlink to work so you guys will just have to look at more words!

1. I have to sleep with a blanket at night pulled up to my chin. This goes back to when I was little and was afraid the headless horsemen would chop my head off. I figured if he couldn't find my neck maybe he'd chop someone else's head off instead.

2. I eat sugar on my tomatoes. I think this is a Danish thing?

3. I love old "murder solving" shows - Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Columbo, Perry Mason etc. I currently have 6 Columbo's on the DVR.

4. Most things about my body aren't normal - I have two false teeth (the ones on each side of my top front ones), I have scoliosis so I tip to the right, my neck curves backwards because I fell out of my bunkbed when I was young on my head and my right arm is extremely crooked because I broke it in 4th grade and it never healed properly. Ok so I was a little clutzy!

5. My kids have 3 sets of Hansen grandparents (two sets of greats (one on each side) and one set of grand). My mom was a Hansen and I married a Hansen. We are from the same town, so probably way back when we could be related...creepy....

6. I've been read my rights. I was never charged and it happened in high school. I hadn't done anything wrong, so it's not nearly as rebellious as it sounds.

7. I slept at someone's house in 4th grade who's brother later turned out to be a school shooter in the 90's on the West Coast. Also another creepy....

I've tagged (do I know 7 people with blogs??) - (Marnie), (Heather), (Rachel), (Roni), Mom doesn't blog anymore and Jill and Steph are already taken so there are only 4. Am I missing anyone? If I did consider yourself tagged.

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