Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Game Girl

Thanksgiving was busy as usual. The kids stayed up too late and I was glad that they actually slept in on Friday. I helped Judi at the shop on Friday and then we left the kids there and headed back home. We stopped at On the Border to eat for Steve's bday. Usually on a weekend, any of the restaurants over there are packed, but I'm assuming since everyone was already at the mall bright and early that morning, no one wanted to come back for supper. They were busy, but no wait, so we were in and out in probably 30 minutes. We've decided that we are the worst dawdlers ever! We try to kill time and we can't. Came back home and started cooking and packing for out KC trip the next day. On Saturday we got up bright and early to finish getting ready. I am disappointed that I didn't get more sleep that morning since this factored into me dozing off during the end of the game when KC missed a field goal. On Saturday the girls did some shopping while the guys watched sports and drank at a nearby sports bar. E has about 100 things on her wish list and one is a "Game Girl." Parker already has a "Game Boy." (It's the pink and blue Game Boy Advances). I had checked at T and WM and no one had them. They came out a couple years ago so not suprised. We stopped at a used game store at the mall and they had one for half of what I bought Parker's new one for and their games were buy 2 get one free. Parker even got a couple games for xmas too. I got a few other things including some magnetic tins for scrapping and some cool Primas at the scrap store. Also some cheap clothes for the kids at Steve and Barry's. Everything there is pretty cheap. Then I get home and find out a mall here has one! My friend and I proceeded to get separated from each other at the mall and by then we're lugging heavy stuff around the mall. Finally she had to page me (of course my cell was dead!) We picked up the guys after 4 hours at the bar (they were pretty giggly) and then went to a BBQ place and the guys watched the KS/MO game. We had seen all the traffic backed up for this game earlier in the day on the interstate. I bet it was backed up 10 miles, no lie! People were tailgating along the side of the freeway. The hotel we stayed at was very nice - even had a big screen tv and a living room and we didn't get to enjoy either since we were just there for about 8 hours. And only $50!

On Sunday we headed out bright and early for the game. We had premium parking so we were right near the stadium. It's insane how much decorating/tailgate stuff some of these people bring. For food we had ribeyes, cheesy pots, baked beans, grilled veggies and brownies. The weather ended up being pretty nice. I even took my coat off for awhile. It was far different than the snow/ice/cold wind we had last year. Plus our seats were on the first level near the end zone so that helped too! (and they were free) The Chiefs lost at the end. I remind Steve that as he is ogling the cheerleaders Emma could be one some day! We also got out of the parking lot within a few mintues after the game is over. This is no small miracle when you see how many people are there. A quick stop for ice cream on the way and the weekend was over.

I was a bad scrapper and didn't take any pics at Thanksgiving or at the game.

Last night P had his Cub Scout pictures and I'm hoping they turn out decent. It didn't look like his smile was too weird.... Daddy is in KC tonight so we call it fun night when he's gone. They had pizza in front of the TV and watched Ben 10 cartoons. We'll it's their bedtime so over and out!

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