Sunday, November 18, 2007

Most of All, We Need Snowpants!

That was his big "line" for the 1st and 2nd grade music concert on Thursday. We had him practice saying it with enthusiasm since he tends to mumble. Guess what?? There was mumbling :-) He still looked very dashing in his sweater and didn't forget his line. (In the pic he's waiting for his turn) When he first got on stage I could tell he was looking everywhere for us and probably mad that he couldn't see us. I forgot to tell him he wouldn't be able to. They sang a bunch of songs and played instruments too. I guess when there are 100 first graders up there, you get to actually hear what they are singing!

Friday Lauri had to take the day off so I got to leave work early on Friday to get him off the bus. Always nice when you get to leave on Friday! Lauri didn't know that there was a surprise party for her that night (big 50). We went into that and the kids were pretty excited. They were a little too "excited" for my taste at the party, but I guess we are just picky about how they act in public.

Saturday I went to a crop in at MB. Got quite a few things done. I was working on some Father's Day stuff for a call and I'm sure people around me thought that was weird since it's Thanksgiving time. I won a couple primo seats to a Stars game and VIP parking for next Friday. If Steve can't go then P will be my date. That'll mean thought that E and I will have to have a date sometime too then. When we were getting ready to go, the extremely dumb girl behind the counter got my order all messed and kept asking me how to fix it. Probably 20 minutes later it was finally resolved so we got out of there 30 minutes later than expected. I did get some cool new goodies and even used some of them too. P and E also had a busy day - haircuts, grocery shopping and P had a bday party to go to at the pottery place in town. He made this really cool mosaic P. I remember when we had bday parties, there was just cake involved! I really need to get in for a haircut. I've said that for months, but I'm hoping sometime this week for Tgiving. I'm like the Shaggy DA!

Just the usual Sunday business around here and getting ready for another busy week. Trying to make sure I have all the fixins for my Thanksgiving pies and food for our tailgate this weekend. We are going to a Chiefs game this weekend with some friends and Friday is also Steve's 39th bday!

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