Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble Gobble!

We've about down packing and then we're heading back home for our usual "double" Thanksgiving day. I ended up with 4 pumpkin pies. I may have gone a little overboard! I also made Cream Puff Dessert and Steve made a Sweet Potato Pie. I think we may have desserts coverered! The kids are staying back there until Sunday (since we are going to KC on Saturday and I help in Judi's shop on Friday) so I always tend to overpack for them. We're even throwing in the snowpants because all they've been asking since yesterday since it snowed, is when can we play outside?

Emma had her Thanksgiving skit yesterday at school. She was the narrator. She's a bit of a "talker" so not surprising she was assigned that part! Then she informs me yesterday morning that she did not want to do it and talk into a microphone. She was very stern about this. So I was really hoping that the play didn't consist of Emma with a big pouty face while the Pilgrims and Indians enjoyed their feast. When I got there she had a big grin and was in a good mood so all was well. At first she was talking pretty quietly and then by the end was doing pretty well. It was all very cute. Mrs. Gibson told me that up until about 5 minutes before I got there she still insisted that she wasn't doing it. Dang she's a diva! (I took some pics, but forgot to have my flash on - dang!)

I'm also beginning to think the van is cursed. So far I've had two flat tires and proceeded to get it stuck at the bottom of our driveway yesterday and was about 2 inches from having it go sideways into the ditch by our lane. Blue was saved by the tractor!

Well better finished packing. Steve looks antsy!

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