Saturday, November 10, 2007


Last night was the big Mother/Son Dance. It is put on by the Parks and Recs department. For no bigger than our town is they have so much for the kids to do. I even wore a dress and pantyhose and a little makeup! P got me a corsage. I did stick myself a few times trying to get it on, but it's the thought that counts :-) There was a word search on the table and that seemed way more interesting than the dance at first to him. Then it got too dark and he began to bust a move. Sometimes the busting consists of jumping up and down or running around the dance floor, but there were a few (in particular Footloose) where he got his groove on. He even danced a slow one with me at the end, but I think he almost fell asleep on me. He'd been dancing for almost two hours. The punch was too "spicy" - I think it had 7 up in it - so he just drank water. I didn't get hardly any pics taken, but I thought this one is pretty good - just ignore the mess in the background.

Thursday night I had P's parent teacher conference and then went to TKD. His teacher gushed on about how great he is. Well mannered, sweet, smart etc. It makes a mom proud!

Today we did a WM run, but other than that we pretty much just hung out. Daddy was gone hunting, so Mom's rules can get pretty lax sometimes!

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