Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We're an American Band, We're Coming To Your Town....

It's official - Steve is in a band again. It's a rock/county (ok primarily country) so he's hoping he can take it! Hopefully it doesn't cut into my crop schedule...lol.

There really wasn't much going on this weekend besides the usual church stuff and Steve hunting on Saturday, so the kids and I (primarily I) didn't do much. On Sunday the weather cleared up and they were able to jump into some big leaf piles. Daddy and Emma's coughs got worse as the day went on so most everyone got a nap in on Sunday. Monday both of them stayed home and got a bunch of meds from the doctor. Today E seems much better and we're only taking the pink yummy medicine now. P had tiger cubs tonight and they made dreamcatchers. He's sharing with Emma since she gets bad dreams and he wants to make sure she doesn't get any. He's so sweet!

Just the usual work and kid stuff around here I guess. Not much else to report.

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