Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Recap

What was I think having a child born around Halloween...not only are there a million trick or treat things to do, but then we had to throw a party in there too! He didn't ask about having his friends over for a party and I didn't push it. The Hansens have been busy getting candy.
Friday: That night we went to Living History Farms (I get free tickets). This is their 3rd year of going to their T or T thing and it's pretty much the same stuff, but they still have a great time. Also last Friday I took the day off from work to go on Emma's class trip to a local pumpkin patch. There were a million things for them to do there - including a sandbox full of corn, haybales to climb on and tractor rides. It was pretty cool. There were a bunch of different schools there, including the 40 kids in Emma's preschool. It was an early out day at school which was good since she was pretty worn out by the time we got home.
Saturday: I went to a crop. It's always a good one and once again Steph was a big winner and I wasn't! I may or may not have bought a bunch of "goodies." There was a Halloween party in town on the square for the kids, so he took them trick-or-treating that morning. Parker was a little bummed though that his Power Ranger costume didn't win the costume contest. Since his mom doesn't sew...poor kid will probably never win one. That night the kiddos went to Aunt Steph's for the night and we went to a Halloween party. We went as Dwight and Angela. I pretty much just dressed like myself and but added barrettes. She's also in accounting. It was a little creepy all of the similarities. We ended up going out to a bar later and I was a "bit" draggy on Sunday.
Sunday: Didn't do much of anything (see Saturday). I did get brave and let the kids paint some figurines
Monday: The usual Monday stuff - TKD and baton.
Tuesday: Since the weather was nice I took them to town to T or T. I picked a road where I knew quite a few of the people, so I felt less guilty about being in a neighborhood I don't live in. Plus it was a cul-de-sac. I didn't realize though the road was still super long. We walked forever and hauled in a lot of candy. Of course half way thru Emma says she needs a potty break...sigh.... Parker was trying his homemade jokes out on people. I don't think he'll be headlining at the Funny Bone anytime soon.
Wednesday: More T or T. The local college (SC) has it in the dorms and houses on campus. There are also snacks and games for the kids. It's all free and it's awesome. After a few games we went on the candy tour. Each one of them filled their entire bucket. Parker walks super fast and Emma walks slow (plus we got stuck behind a weird kid who would dig thru every candy basket for 5 minutes), so of course I temporarily misplaced him. He wasn't concerned at all though, actually I don't think he knew he was lost. He just kept trick or treating. Went back to the student center and did a few more games. Then the kids wanted to go on the other tour. I had to get them plastic sacks since there were no more room in their buckets. They stayed up way past their bedtime. I think Parker got over tired because at one of the last houses, they had an elaborate display of live characters etc and he got scared and ran screaming and crying. Luckily no bad dreams that night. I had to leave E to chase him down across campus and figured she'd be scared since she kept saying she was scared earlier. Nope, this time she loved it and one of the parents took her along.
Thursday: Pampered Chef party at Marn's house. That meant Steve had to take P to TKD - ha!
Friday: Had to work late because of month end at work. Should pack for the crop tomorrow, but will just drag along most of the same stuff from last week.
Saturday: I'm going to a 15 hour crop (longest I've ever been too) and P has a bday party to go to. Hopefully Steve gets groceries since we're pretty much just down to candy to eat.

I haven't been home all week and I'm pretty much tuckered out. I keep eating their candy to give me energy!

I have a millions pictures from all of our shenanigans this week and will post sometime.

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