Thursday, January 17, 2008

36 Days...But I'm Not Counting....

Posting a few more things I've made lately and a couple of my faves from a couple months ago. (Can you tell I like pink?) I was in a creating frenzy the last couple weeks. I'm waiting to hear back if some of them got love or not. I was excited to get my goodie box from Paper Trends today. My first from them. I got some Scenic Route paper (one of my fave companies) and some really cute bday paper from Around the Block that will look great on cards. Also got some cute embellies. I don't need more supplies, but hey... I can't say no! I put together a huge scrap supply basket last year for Parker's Sock Hop fundraiser, but this year time got away from me. It's a great way to get rid of things. I need to take some of my partially used stuff to the kids' classrooms when I get into a purging mood.

Speaking of the Sock Hop, tomorrow night is the big dance. Each year Parker's school has it for a fundraiser. It's pretty cool and the kids (E gets to go too) dance into sweaty exhaustion for 2 hours while the adults bid on over 100 silent auction items. Saturday I'm taking E with me to a baby shower for a friend of mine who is expecting twins. Yikes! The double yikes is that her daycare is $190/week per kids! They are boys and the cute part is she's naming one of them Cooper. I told Cooper and he proceeded to bite me, so he was excited I could tell! P and Daddy are going on a Go See for Cub Scouts that day. Touring the fire station and behind the scenes at the movie theater and then watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. Our next few weekends are busy, but mostly with fun stuff at least. Tomorrow P is to take 100 items because it's their 100th day of school. I thought about sending buttons, but (Gasp!) what if they didn't make it back home. I might need them someday on a project.....

I think E could turn out to be a crafter. Tonight I came home and she was making her own cell phone. It was a flip and everything. She cut it out of paper, put #'s on it and decorated it. She then proceeded to take phone calls. She later cut out a diaper for her dolly and it totally looked like one...I don't think I could still do that! I did let her use some of my good stuff the other day to decorate a plastic container. I promise not to pimp her out to the scrap community yet.

P.S. Only 36 Days to Vegas!

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