Monday, January 21, 2008

Fareway is Way Fare!

Stopped there tonight while P was at TKD. I just love no matter how much you dally in there you are always in and out in less than an hour. You can have a cart full of groceries and as long as you don't go too crazy at the meat counter you can keep in under $100. You always end up running into someone you know there. The meat guys are so nice though that when they get you something they say, "And what else can I get for you today." I feel like I'd better order something else! The kids have to make a comment about Fareway EVERYTIME we go by. Which can sometimes be 4 plus times a day. They think it's hysterical when the Y is burnt out so it's Fare-wah. And then P came up with Fareway being Way Fare. Each Sunday they also point out that it's closed. They still try to ride in the front of the red firetruck carts together... When their combined weight is over 100 lbs and they are each almost 4 feet doesn't work so well! I do feel guilty that someone pushes my cart out. I actually would prefer to do it myself, but it's a Fareway no no. If people do it's code red in there...cart out the door...cart out the door! over the speaker. I don't really like people waiting on me..with the exception of having someone come in and clean my house for me. This is a current "discussion" going on and I seem to be losing.

Parker has been doing pretty well at TKD and has been really wanting to get a "dobo" (robe) and test for his yellow belt. I think we will go ahead and let him. He broke a huge board tonight on one kick....ouch! TBall doesn't start till April so he'll have some time to do this for awhile. The "Master" also said he could just come when he was able during the summer. I think we're skipping spring soccer since it's at the same time as Little League and I already signed him up for that. This year they hit off a pitch, so we'll see how he likes it. He seems a lot better at soccer so now that he's getting older he can start picking what he likes. Everything has been pretty low key so far and it's been nice he can try things out (and pretty cheaply).

Sunday we pretty much just hiberated inside after church. We getting so many cardinals on our feeder I could just watch them all day. Saturday P and Daddy had a good time touring the firestation and movie theater for Cub Scouts and then seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks. E and I hit MHM after the shower and the $ spot at Target sucked me in again. There was a free inflatible slide there and it wasn't busy so E probably went down 20 times before I got her to leave without incident. Of course she skinned up the same eye that she had the tear duct problems with.

On the scrappy front, I haven't really made anything the last few days (I need to dig out my room again), but did get a card picked up for the Aug/Sept issue of Paper Crafts. It was one I had made awhile ago, but it fit the call. I didn't think it was that great, but submit everything, because you never know.

Off to tuck the kidlets in.

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Heather said...

I asked for a maid for Christmas. I didn't win either :(