Friday, January 25, 2008

He's Got The Moves!

Parker seemed better Wednesday night and Thursday morning he was a little quieter than usual, but nothing seemed weird. I get to work and the school has just left a message. Parker yarfed on the bus. I remember when I was little and when someone puked they put that nasty powder stuff on it. I think it was worse than the actual deed. I was worried he'd be embarassed, but at that age things don't bother kids too much yet. Heck he probably thought it was cool. Steve went and got him and he was fine the rest of the day. He said that his tummy felt silly on bus 14 (the one that picks him up) but when he got off to get om "firteen" to ride to his school then he frew up. (He still has trouble saying "th" so it was kind of cute the way he said it). He was bummed since he missed sharing day again and was supposed to get his robe at TKD that night. Since he was totally fine since about 9 that morning we went ahead and let him go. I got there right at the end since I had to work late and just caught him breaking his board. He was loving the robe. Here are some pics of him doing some of the moves. I can never remember what they are, but he's got most of them memorized and loves reading the list they sent home. A lot of them involved leg motions, so the camera didn't catch that very well.

Tonight we are kick back and fancy free since Steve is at a band gig. The other pic is of them playing their Game Boys when they got home (notice E's tongue. It helps her concentrate) Emma said her stomach hurts a little but I'm hoping that's because she ate a ton of bologna and then had generic Oreos for dessert.... They are now kicking back watching Scooby and eating popcorn. I know - I rock as a parent! I need to pack for the crop tomorrow. I just hate packing, because I never have any idea what I'm going to want to use and way over bring. Then I also trash my room in the process. I love getting there though and the one we are going to tomorrow has pretty good door prizes! Plus Steph isn't going so that gives the rest of us a chance to win :-)
Will have to watch the last Miss America reality show tonight. The girl from E's baton place kind of got ripped last week, so we'll see what happens. I guess she won the talent portion of the contest this week. It doesn't suprise me, she's an awesome twirler. The rest of the pagent is on Saturday night.

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