Saturday, January 19, 2008

O M Double G!!!

-9 on the tempeture thingy in the van last night just isn't right! The sock hop was as usual...chaos! Going to things like this helps me to realize I'm not cut out for teaching or daycare. You take 6 grades at about 100 kids per grade, add some siblings, some parents and it is loud. Appparently a number of kids aren't taught manners. A lot of kids just run the entire time, running into you and never saying "excuse me." Lots of cool silent auction stuff, but most stuff goes for a few hundred $'s.

A little worried last night that E would have to stay home from the dance and today we'd have to miss the baby shower. Her eye had been bothering her at school and it was gooky by the time I got home. We worried it was pink eye (miraculously the Hansen house has never had before) so Steve ran her into the clinic. It actually turned out to be a plugged tear duct because of a sinus infection. She hadn't been acting like her sinuses had been bothering her, besides the fact that she's been taking naps at school. I'm sure last night people wondering why she was at the dance...I felt like taping a sign on her...not contagious!

Well better get everyone gussied up for our doings today.

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