Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tale of Two Mittens

The most frustrating things about winter has been trying to keep track of the winter gear at school - snowpants, hats, gloves, boots...I don't dare send a scarf with..that'd be another thing to keep track off. We've also managed to loose a few things in the off season including a headband of Emma's that was our favorite for her hair. (Her hair is so thick and fine that it is VERY hard to find any that will stay in) Right now I'm trying to hunt down a brand new (sigh) pair of P's gloves that he left on the bus (I checked the lost and found box and didn't find them, but did find one of his hats I didn't even realize was missing) and Emma came home Friday missing a black glove. She also leaves her snowpants there about half the time. I take her to school every morning so I manage to eventually find most of her stuff either in lost and found or in her classroom. We are trying to get both of them to be more responsible for their stuff. Of course I need to work on that myself!

Steve is back home today and so after P's bball practice this morning we hit WM and BK. The fun land was VERY loud! We are now just vegging, but I really need to clean since it looks like a bomb went off in the family room (again). Hoping to do some cardmaking tonight.

Not sure if anyone watched the Miss America reality show that started last night but the girl from Norwalk (who was a twirler from Emma's studio) is on there. They showed her quite a bit and she's in a blue dress in a lot of the shots. She's uber smart and tatented from what I've seen and heard. There is an America's vote at so feel free to vote. They are having a send of party for her tomorrow so I might take Emma. Emma has met her before but of course I didn't have my camera then...sigh....

Well the princess is requesting some strawberry milky so I'd better get at it.

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