Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Under the Weather

Stayed home with Parker today. He was running a slight fever and just wasn't himself. He didn't have an appetite either last night so we knew something was up. He laid around most of the day and caught up on his Ben 10 cartoons. He woke up quite a bit during the night so was really tired, but he still didn't nap. He's anti-nap like his dad! I am pro-nap! He probably would have been fine to go to school, but you never know. He didn't have any energy so I think it's good he got a chance to rest. He wanted to wrestle tonight with daddy so I think he's a go for school tomorrow. Plus tomorrow night we get the TKD robe!

More good scrappy news today. I will have an altered paper mache box in Paper Trends' June/July issue. That'll probably be all the "tooting" you'll hear out of me for awhile since most of the calls had similar deadlines this month. This blog will return to regularly scheduled programming!

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