Sunday, January 13, 2008


Just realized I didn't Stickle (glue glitter) on the crown below...oops!

Had an awesome time scrapping yesterday at a friend's house. She fed us and even gave out goodie bags....better than some crops I've been to where I've paid money! I worked the entire time on this princess mini album I made about Emma. I forgot how long these can take. I was still putting on finishing touches tonight and then had to take pictures and write it up. Submitting it to a few things so we'll see if anyone gives it any love. I'm going to get a big jump ring to put thru the one crown point (no I didn't forget a gem there), although I think I used a whole box of glue dots in the process! Here is the journaling in case you can't read it.
Title: How to be a princess according to Emma
You have a prince charming
Eat what you want when you want
Wear makeup with everything
Wear fur
Dessert for dinner
You don't drink tap water. Only bottled
Be a daddy's girl
Always wear a crown
Have a sweet set of wheels
Your own pony
Toys Toys Toys
Always wear designer shades

Also included are some with stickers. They say:
Being a princess is a hard job but someone's gotta do it
Don't call me a princess, don't call me a queen, just call me the cutest Lil' Princess you've ever seen.
It's hard being the princess...but one day I'll be the queen.

Thanks again to Jill ( for the yummy Rusty Pickle papers and stickers. I knew it'd be perfect for this!


cornellgj said...

Jen, this is so CUTE! Your little girl is so photogenic! Beautiful work as always!

Rachelle said...
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Rachelle said...

Whoops, sorry about the deleting, I had a few extra letters in the comment that I couldn't fix.

So anyway - Beautiful work, so creative. I can imagine how long it took you.