Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm A Cover Girl!

I checked my old email address and guess what? A frame I decorated that got picked up for Paper Crafts' "Gifts from the Heart" magazine a couple months ago, will be on the cover! It will be in out in a few months and I'll share once I'm able to. I guess when you don't stalk your email anymore good things happen :-) Hopefully that'll get my juices flowing since there is a bunch of stuff I want to get made by next week. Since I have a new bank of PTO days for the year, I'm planning to take a day off for me Friday. Hopefully I'll feel scrapping that day and not just napping and then Saturday a bunch of the crop gang are going to our friend Jan's house to crop most of the day.

Emma is showing her Danish Lutheran heritage. Sunday was a big day at church because they were installing our new pastor. Even the "bish" (the head bishop for our synod was there - Parker made sure he shook his hand - the peace is Parker's favorite part - very cute) was there. After church we of course had the church potluck. Although they don't do open faced sandwiches here - not enough Danes I guess! For some reason Emma was really pumped about the potluck. There isn't much at these things the kids will even eat. She was going around telling anyone (rather loudly) that would listen to her that "she loves a potluck!" and giving them a big grin.

I think I had mentioned before that Emma said instead of 20 boyfriends she now has 19 because Caleb pushes her and so he isn't one anymore. We got her class photo today and I didn't realize how many boys were in there and a lot of them are even cute. 16 boys and 7 girls. Great odds for Emma - especially since some of the girls are a little woofy. Ok that was mean :-)

Lots of stuff going on this week, but most of it is pretty regular so I won't bore you with the details. I did get Emma registered for Kindergarten tonight. Since P is already in year round, she's a shoo-in so not stressed about that like I was when I registered him. Plus uber excited she'll get full day Kindergarten!

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