Monday, January 28, 2008

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah!

Emma has cheer camp after school this week and is uber excited. They are performing at the pep rally Friday and then at both games Friday night. Ahhh.... a sweaty, hot, crowded gym surrounded by people I don't know...this will rock! Tonight was a smidge busy, but nothing quite overlapped so everything went smoothly. After cheer, E went to baton and tumbling. I took P to TKD so he could practice for this test. (It's in a couple weeks for the yellow belt) and then he had his monthly Cub Scout pack meeting. Poor guy is getting a cold and with his pale skin he doesn't look the best with red eyes and stuffy nose.

Had fun at the crop Saturday. I was even a winner! Won a new cute set of Stampin Up animal stamps. They also do little giveaways all day so you end up with a bunch of smaller things too. There is a scrap store SW of here that has the best stuff and they were I may have done a "little" purchasing... some new Fancy Pants playing card type thingies for cards and more Prima bling. Ok and some other things too :-) I was working on another mini album, but of course didn't get as far as I wanted, but should be able to finish up Saturday when I go to a crop at E's school. Not sure if I'll scrap this week or not. My room is a "touch" trashed and I don't feel like making a path to my desk.

G and G Blue house came for a visit yesterday. It's probably good it wasn't today or they would of had to deal with our horrible gravel road. When temps go from -10 plus to 50 plus, that creates a lot of mud! Try getting a kid in a stark white TKD robe in and out of a filthy van (can't remember the last time it was washed) and past pubbles. He miraculously got there clean. It's a Christmas miracle!

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