Sunday, August 14, 2005

Count Chocula?

We are still debating on a name for the pooch. Steve doesn't seem real hip on Rio and Parker keeps insisting the dog's name is going to be Chocolate. We were thinking of chocolate variations and basically came up with some really lame ones. Count Chocula, Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Pebbles, Brownie, Cocoa, Hershey, Rocky Road, Chocolate Chips etc..... Any suggestions are welcome!

Headed to the State Fair today. Got there about 9. It's a good thing we didn't get there much later as the lots were all full way before noon. The kids did great. No scuffles, no whining and no crying. Towards the end they both said they were tired and wanted to go home, but that was about it. Paker loved the funnel cakes and Emma loved the cotton candy. We had $36 of food tickets to use and neither of us could seem to spend the last $10 or so. They loved the animals, we saw everything but the pigs. Somehow missed them. We skipped things like the Varied Industries etc, as they were just too crowded and the kids wouldn't have been interested anyway. My big news is that I won 1st place in the one page scrapbook competition. I get some gift certs to some of the local stores. The funny part is I almost didn't enter it as I slapped it together and didnt' have any journaling on it. It's a pic of Emma in the tub smiling with bubbles all over her face. The kids were not interested at all though, so I didn't really get to check out the competition or see if I recognized any of the other winners (another girl from Indianola got 2nd in the two page). I snapped away State Fair photos today, since I wasn't able to enter the State Fair page competition this year (planning ahead!) E only zonked a few minutes and even though P yawned on the way home, he was raring to go when we got him. He is so hooked on games and for some reason Sorry makes me so sleepy everytime I play it, poor kid.

Daddy worked away on the dog house/area tonight.... he's so excited, but you didn't hear that from me!

Emma asked Daddy the other night, "When are Aunt Johnny and Uncle Ron" come over again?


The Mom said...

Mocha, not sure if that is the right spelling but Keith and Diane's choc. lab has that name.

Marnie said...

Congratulations on your big win. You will have to make a page about your page now!