Monday, August 29, 2005

One Day Down, 179 More To Go

I think we can deem this day a success! Parker had a pretty grueling day of of eating, playing, resting, eating, playing. Mixed in with a bit of learnin. He seemed to like it. When I first got home he didn't want to talk about it because he was playing Sorry. But then he told me he ate pizza and beans for lunch. Played Duck, Duck, Goose. He got a Principal's Pal Award with a free mini pizza (I think they all got them :-) We said did you go out for recess? No mom, it's not recess it's preschool. He said his teacher Miss Jandrey is nice and he got a treat bag from her. Friday are school pics. They had early out today, so he'll get another 45 minutes of free learning time (puters, puzzles, etc) tomorrow before he leaves. When Steve picked him up he was having great fun at daycare. There doesn't seem to be awhole lot in daycare, so I think he'll get plenty of attention. They then stopped at Lauri's to get Emma and he walked in, took his shoes off yelled, "Sarah, Anna, I'm here to play Nintendo. Dad you can go now." Emma came home in different shorts today, so must have been at least one "incident,"but she is still going on the potty quite a bit.

After chewing thru the neighbor's leash because Emma put it in his pen, we let Big B get out to play again tonight. Poor dog just doesn't realize how big he is. He's just so excited to see you. He always goes to the far corner of the yard to poop, so yeah for Bosco!

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