Monday, August 08, 2005

Frogs are Cute!!

It's funny how P and E each have one animal they are scared of. With P it was the crocodiles (fortunately Spiderman saved him from those and now everything is ok) and with E it is frogs. We have a bunch of tree frogs and others that like to live in the shed and in the striped swing in the back yard. You sit in the swing and pretty soon you have a frog or two on your shoulder. Frogs just make her hysterical. But they are ok printed on her pj's, her pillow etc. She's trying to get braver and now doesn't cry so much. She'll go around the house saying, "Frogs aren't scary, they're cute!" over and over again. She is also scared of the any mower or tractor. (But have her fall down and scrape her knee and doesn't phase her." She is such an outdoor daddy's girl though, so hopefully the mower will be cute soon. Tonight she helped daddy in the garden again. She said she didn't want to pick flowers tonight, she wanted to pick vegetables. She also helped pick apples the other day. While they were doing this P and I were playing "Gault"... that word is a combination of golf and goal (hockey) that P created. He loves to make games up. Let's say mom got her butt kicked and worked up a sweat. You have a baseball and the $2 plastic hockey set I got at Target. You go out front on the cement and hit the ball back and forth until you get a goal. Towards the end you could also just throw it into the goal as well. (Ok I guess he didn't really make that up, it sounds like hockey) I had a heck of a time using this cheap plastic hockey stick trying to hit this heavy baseball. He had no trouble. He kept telling me I was holding it wrong and kept trying to show me how to do it correctly. And you couldn't cheat on the score as he remembered it, stinker. We've also been playing a lot of Monopoly, he made up rules on that which are basically if you land on the property you get it and if someone else lands on it they can take it from you. Whoever gets the most properties wins. Every once in a while you might collect $20 for passing go. Somehow he knows about the doubles thing and also what you need to do to get out of jail. I was nodding off on him the other day, so I tried to sneak the last few into his pile. He didn't fall for it. He gave me a look and said, "Mom, I didn't land on those." He remembers who has what... once again, what a stinker.

And forgot to post about our fun "Girls Weekend in Council Bluffs." I won $66 on the nickel machine, so ended up clearing about $50. Of course I spent it on other stuff before we even got home...oops. You can check out Steph's blog for all the details.

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