Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wet Ponies

Sent E in Little Pony undies today with plenty of spare undies and shorts. Steve and I were both there since he had to drive me to work. As we were getting to leave Lauri feels she's wet...sighh..... I guess about a half hour later she was wet again. After that she has stayed dry the rest of the day including her nap! She said to Lauri, "We need to keep our ponies dry." She said something else cute about it, but of course can't remember. P, E and I played Playdoh tonight. We ended up with some Kamakazee playdoh as P smashed a bit hard.

Well Choc Dog has now popped a hole in the big soccer ball. He was so cute playing with it, but I'm sad to say that was short lived. Daddy will need to patch. He also loves a washrag and his chewy rope. He also found a pair of E's socks in the yard and a swim toy, but I finally got them out of his mouth. He gets so excited when he first gets out, he literally goes in circles. He races all around, like tonight when he grabbed the leash holder part in his mouth again and was walking himself around. That was expensive though and we don't want him breaking it again! Sometimes the middle of the night barking is annoying, but he's so cute and seems to understand this is his home.

That's about as exciting as it gets around here!

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