Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dogs Rule and Kids Drool

I guess when Chocolate Dog/Bosco/Pooch/Butchie/Rio has a ginormous tongue, it means that a lot of drool is going to come out. Yesterday I was home with the kids, so we got him out quite a bit. He gets so excited when he sees you he can't wait to play. He and Parker like to "wrestle" and Choc then licks him all over and fake jumps on him. Emma sometimes wants the licks and sometimes doesn't. Tonight after she warmed up and after he got done digging in the dirt, they rolled around on the ground and he gave her a big dirt/slobber kiss (see picture). The kids are also quite interested in the fact that he pees a lot and everywhere. Yesterday after he went on a bush, I turned around and P was going too. (see picture) Later he told me, I can't anymore, all my pee in gone. Tonight after he went, then P went and then Emma said I need to squat mommy, Choc took off with her diaper and then her shorts. Then when we tried to put them on, he thought we were playing keepaway. The last couple times we haven't even put him on a leash. He stays pretty close. If he starts to walk away to far he'll come back when you call him or tonight I just grabbed his collar and turned him around and he went right to the back yard. The kids are loving being in his cage and Choc is loving not being in his cage (see picture). He definitely is a chewer though, the ice cream bucket didn't stand a chance!

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