Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm Right Dare!

Saturday was a busy day for the Hansens. Parker had his last zoo class in the morning. This was after I ran around trying to pack for the day since we wouldn't be home again till after dark. I think poor Pooch was a bit upset we weren't around much as he barked during the night...errr..... The class got to ride on the train for class and poor E missed it. He's red so they call him James. Found out they are having one class a month this fall and winter, so will probably sign her up. We were going to Newton mid afternoon, so to kill some time we ate lunch at Arby's and then did some shopping at the mall. Emma kept calling her food McDonald's Happy Meal, so I guess all of their advertising is working. They ate about half their meals and we saved the rest for later. Then at 10 last night coming back from Newton, while Parker snored, E polished it off! Nothing like cold fries late at night. All the summer stuff is clearanced already (of course since it's time to get winter clothing out in the stores). While Steve was looking for shorts, the kids spied something exciting. Tennis shoes! Emma found some cute velcro shoes of guess who? Thomas the Train of course. Around the corner they had the cutest Dora ones, but they were a no go. Her sandals went off, those went on and didn't even come off when we put her PJ's on before we left Newton last night. She really wasn't in dire need of shoes yet, but P was so I looked around some more. His feet are so wide at the top that most Cartoon type tennis shoes don't fit because they taper so much at the top. Ended up finding some really cool Spiderman shoes that had plenty of room. He immediately put those on too. He saw some Ninja Turtle shoes, but luckily too narrow. After leaving Sears, we headed to Penny's. I found some cute summer type shirts and while we were looking around, E disappeared. They were very antsy in the store and were getting embarrassing, so Steve was going to walk them around the mall a bit. But she was no where to be found. She couldn't have gotten far as she was missing approximately 5 seconds. We looked everywhere in that area, but the store was really busy and I didn't want to make a huge scene if not totally necessary. Steve thought he could hear her. "Daddy, I'm right dare!" Anyone who knows Emma, knows she has a unique accent, sort of sounds like she's from Boston or East Coast area. He zoomed in on the sound and then something caught his eye. Blinking Thomas Shoes! Both of their new shoes blink and Steve didn't really care for that when we bought them. She had gotten in the middle of one of the circle racks and was standing perfectly still. He got to her and she was laughing. "I hiding Daddy!" It was funny and it wasn't all at the same time. Again errr.....

We then headed to Newton (both kids fell asleep on the way there, P never does so of course he did today) to see how Todd was coming on Steins and Steve was going to help him with some sound thingy. (Like my tech terms there?) Todd is opening a sports bar in Newton Monday. The kids loved it there. They each ate two donuts and played some of the bar computer games. We then headed to Alisa's house (went to college with her) and they were having a BBQ. The kids had a great time swimming, doing Playdoh and playing with their 11 month old son's toys. They also loved playing with some other friends Tami and Preston's two year old son Caleb. (Or Calef as Parker calls him). The kids even slept in past 7 today, so they must have been worn out!

Went to church today pretty much without incident as well. Emma colored like crazy and pretty well I might add. Still no coloring or writing out of Parker. They love going up for the children's sermon. I was so proud because there was a little boy about Emma's age running around like a maniac up front, and was amazed and proud that neither kid followed along. Then when it was done Emma runs back to our seat yelling, "I won a prize, I won a prize!" Sometimes they get a sticker up there, but today nothing, so not sure what her prize was.

Better go play some games with P and E should be getting up shortly from her snooze.

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