Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mr. Thirsty

Took P to the dentist this morning bright and early at 7. He was a bit hard to get up today and they were poking along getting out of the house so mommy was starting to get upset, so I figured he'd be in a bad mood. Instead....Mommy was sooooo proud of him! He remembered going from last time. He even remembered that he saw the neighbor's girls there and wondered where they were this time. The dental hygienist is someone we know from church and this dentist is super nice. He explains everything. Last time he pretty much counted the teeth, looked inside his mouth and just got him familiar with things. This time he scraped his teeth, used the toothbrush cleaner thingy with bubble gum paste on him and rinsed him with "Mr. Thirsty" the water gun. Parker didn't even flinch. He was thrilled with his new whale toothbrush. (I have never been very good about consistent brushing with the kids... bad Mom! I usually just forget, like I did again tonight even though tonight was the night I was to start being consistent with them!) He was slightly confused when we left because he saw they had only one bathroom. He kept asking is that men's or women's? Where's the other one? I said both people can use it, but I don't think he liked the answer. Finally I said the men's is back by the dentist. Crap, now he'll remember that next time and will be asking me about it. Well I've got another 6 months to come up with a story on that. I'm not taking E yet, probably will wait till she's about 4 too unless she mellows out before then.

We wanted to get out of the house so we did a Walmart run and then went out for ice cream at DQ. The kids had their first Dilly Bar. P had a few bites and was done, E got upset when we took the last bit of hers away from her because it had melted. All the way home, "I miss my ice cream!" She has been wearing her pink butterfly wings nonstop, not bad for $1 I guess. I've been trying to get a pic of her, but she has been anti-camera the last couple of weeks for me. The Nature Center is having monthly classes on animals, so I'm thinking I'll sign Emma up. The first one is on butterflies, she'll probably blow a gasket! Both of the kids will have quite a few activities this fall, I suppose I'd better start writing this stuff down or just tell P and E about it and then they can remind me!

Out of the mouth of Parker tonight: "Dad, how old are you." Dad says 36. P says, "So at your next birthday you'll be 37 then. And you'll get cake."

Emma wants a Percy cake and Parker wants a Wolverine cake. I had better start scouting around as I know WM doesn't make them! I may end up taking the Thomas off her cake and put Percy on and remove a figurine from another cake for P and insert Wolverine!

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Marnie said...

Did you take any pictures at the dentist? I am just dying for someone to use the Karen Foster dentist paper for a page! Oooh... and think of all the butterfly embellishments you could buy for Emma's wings!