Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lose Your Head

P man had crafts class tonight, so E and I took him to town. She always gets upset that she can't stay. I told her next time she'll be 3 and she'll get to go. She was still sad, but then I took her to Goodwill and she was in heaven. First thing she spotted was a glass painted little unicorn. I thought it was ugly, but what does a mommy know. I splurged and spent 59 cents on it for her. I also picked up a fondue pot, a shelf for for stamping inks, a video, two games and some child safety locks for under $9. We still had some time to kill, so we headed to Dollar General. I try to stay awake from WM when I'm "killing time" as it gets expensive. Plus payday is not here yet! She walked in spotted the umbrellas and there was the cutest My Little Pony One. So, mommy splurged again, this time spending $3. They didn't have any boy type ones. When we went to pick P up it had started sprinkling so Emma got to use her umbrella. Of course when P saw it, he wanted to use it to. I explained to him that they didn't have any he'd like, so when we shop next time we'll look for one. He first said he wanted a Spider Man one, but then said "I want turtles instead (Ninja) and it should be red, blue, orange and brown. He saw some clearanced Ninja Turtles at Walmart the other day and suddenly is into them. I found an Xmen comic book at Walmart so he got that instead, or I may have caved on the $3 Turtle!

She played hard with her unicorn at Goodwill and I told the checkout girl, I'm sure it won't make it home in one piece. Well.... when we pulled into Dollar General she had sat it on the edge of the window and down it fell. Off went the head! I thought she'd be sad, but seemed ok with it. I told her Daddy would glue it back on.

Got P's supply list for school, his first day is August 29th. We've been practicing his teachers name and talking about school quite a bit. I really should try to get him to at least hold a pencil before he starts so the teacher doesn't classify him as slow. Maybe he'll read for her and so that'll even it out. I feel bad he's really not going to see Lauri much, but I think he'll be able to see her off and on when Daddy stops to pick up Emma after picking up P.

Countdown to dog continues. Steve saw a few faves at the shelter today and I think he has one picked out. I won't go as I don't want to have to chose and see all the animals that are still needing a home. I'm hoping by mid next week, we have a pooch!

And big Emma news.... she actually wore two pig tails tonight, wow!

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