Sunday, August 28, 2005

PU Stinky Butt

Forgot to add that E has been doing pretty good with the potty. She has been staying pretty dry, but the stinkies are another story. We may to do like we did with Parker and just make her run around all day without pants until she needs to make a stinkie! Worked like a charm for him.

Poor P is still a bit under the weather. He's got crud in his throat and so he sounds kind of like he has asthma. He doesn't really want to cough so it just sits there. He sounds a bit like a young Kathleen Turner. We are really hoping that he doesn't miss the first day of preschool tomorrow. He doesn't have a runny nose or anything and seems to feel ok, just a bit tired from not sleeping very well last night.

I'm keeping him home from church to rest and we have a potluck later today for choir, but I think I may keep the kids home, just to not where him out and there would be swimming and I don't want him getting any worse.

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