Saturday, August 13, 2005

Well Balanced Diet (Don't Tell Daddy)

Yesterday Steve was gone helping Todd getting his new bar in Newton set up, so the kids and I ventured out last night. I guess I was feeling parental. The Parks and Rec Dept was showing a big screen movie Shark Tales outside, so we headed to town. We got there plenty early so the kids played at the park for quite awhile. After they got extreme filthy (and after I got tired of telling Parker not to throw sand) I made them sit down on the blanket and wait, or at least stay close. Then after telling both of them to not throw rocks (but mom all the other kids are!!), finally the movie started when it got dark. We were already way past bedtime at this point. About an hour in I heard snoring and Parker was out. Emma of course stayed awake, she's such a night owl. Try carrying him up a hill asleep wrapped in an enormous blanket, my arms still hurt. She was so amazed at how dark it was outside. Then of course they were up bright and early this morning...errrr.... We are going to the State Fair tomorrow so I'm hoping they aren't too worn out or cranky.

Didn't really do too much today, didn't have anything scheduled away from home so we did games, computers, played outside in the rain, made cookies, ate a lot of cookies, etc. Later this afternoon Daddy took P in to see the dog and if he was ready maybe take him home. (I think he was hoping to suprise me). Turns out he hasn't been snipped yet, so they are doing that this week, so not sure what day we'll get him yet. Poor thing his nails are worn down from the cement. I guess he's been there since April. They guess him being about one or so. He's a chocolate brown lab mix (not sure what the mix part is), so now we're trying to think of a name, as he doesn't have one yet. Parker calls him Chocolate Dog and Emma still calls him Creighton (neighbor's dog's name). I think I am partial to Rio.

The big happenings on 76th Lane tonight is that they are shooting a video down at the end of our lane. The band has played at parties a few times before. The music is a lot of yelling etc I guess. We can hear it from here. Rock on!

Out of Emma's mouth: Mommy put on your suit belt.
Out of Parker's mouth: Mommy put on your sell beat.

Parenting question? Is it weird that your daughter ate cold green beans from the fridge, carrots and dry elbow macaroni for breakfast and then chased that down with chocolate chip cookies for lunch? P passed on the green beans and instead ate two bowls of Luckies. (The cereal not the cigs)

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The Mom said...

Hey, at least she got some veggies in! That is better than nothing! However, the macaroni...ewww!