Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm not a Woman!

Headed to WM with the kids last night. Shouldn't have gone with a splitting headache as that made me low on patience. First Emma wanted to push the cart. That's ok as long as Mom can steer, but no! She wants to do everything herself. Finally distracted her. Then of course P has to pee. I think he likes going in other bathrooms. Only problem we have is that he won't go in the Women's, because he's Mens not Women's. I was trying to talk him into it, when into the Men's he went. It's sad that you have you have to worry about your kid in a bathroom by himself. After telling him again after he came out that you have to use Women's when Dad isn't with, then of course Emma announces, "I need to go potty." Since we're trying to potty train, I can't really tell her no. But of course once again P didn't want to go in since it was Women's! Finally got him to stand right inside the doorway (there is no door) and then ran back and forth checking on her pee progress and making sure he was still there. Then he decides to come in and is checking everything out. Then someone comes into go and while I'm checking to see if Emma went, he was trying to look under the stall at her. Mommy's loud voice came on, I'm sure the lady thought I was a witch. Then of course, Emma never peed and had a super wet diaper which I put back on. I got a few essentials and the rest of P's school supplies, but some stuff will have to wait because we had been there forever at that point. Got Choc Dog a Chew Ropie and he was in love. Unfortunatly Choc Dog must have thought his leash was a chew ropie as he bit it right in half tonight. Luckily where he bit it, Steve can fix it.

Parker is super into Ninja Turtles all of a sudden and they had some clearanced to $3. Most were all gone except one that out of the two pack, one turtle had been stolen. So WM ended up giving it to me for $1.50. Not bad I guess. He told everyone he saw he was getting a turtle. Leonardo and SpiderMan now both keep him safe at night. First though you have to gear the turtle up with his swords, helmet etc. Wolvervine is not #1 anymore. There was a Wolverine head on clearance and he wanted the turtle. Emma is still wanting to wear her Thomas Shoes 24/7. Got the Thomas tickets yesterday and got the kids signed up for Parks and Rec stuff, so almost $250 later I was more than a little broke.

Emma went on the potty at Lauri's twice, so Lauri said if we wanted to just send her in undies and lots of clothing changes, she'd work with her some more. Poor Lauri!

Ran to town (again) tonight. Days like that I wished we lived in town. Took the van in for an oil change and brakes have been making a weird noise. Also had to pick out music for Middle School Church Choir that Steve and I are in charge of this year. Someone at church volunteered to watch the Terrible Twosome during practice, poor Julia!

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