Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Put Your Hands in the Air

A little worried about P at school today since Daddy had to get him up and he was NOT happy about it. He said he was tired and didn't want to go and started crying. He then wanted Mommy to take him. I finally got him dressed and gave him some hugs and he left with Daddy. He cried on the way there and then when they got to daycare he walked and and spied.... a little boy playing Sorry. And just like that, he was happy! Tonight he told me he played Sorry and Yahtzee. I worked late tonight and so I called on my way home. Parker said if that's Mom I want to talk to her. He said he had fun. I asked him what did you learn. He said, "Put your hand up if you want chocolate milk. Put your hand down if you want white milk." That's so cute!!

The teacher's helper (who also does the daycare) said he is doing pretty good. She said he's pretty quiet. I know he'll get talking more and more once he's more comfortable. I think "rest" time is going fine. P said he didn't sleep. I guess they did "coloring" and "drawing" today. We all know how P loves "sarcastic there" to color and draw. I guess at first he didn't want anything to do with it, wouldn't even look at the paper. After awhile he colored and he did great! He used all kinds of colors and didn't just do a couple scribbles. We made a big deal about how proud we were. He was out on the playground tonight playing a game with some kids, having a great time when Steve picked him up. He did say he wanted to go to Lauri's tomorrow, but I think he is enjoying school. The teacher sounds awesome. We'll meet her on Tuesday. She is getting them each notebooks and then will write in them everyday for us to read how they did. Then once a week sends out a class update.

E has been staying dry, but he stinkies are another thing!

Well off to checkout www.freecycle.org to see if I can score some cool free stuff!

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Heather said...

We have got rid of and got quite a bit of good stuff on freecycle!