Saturday, August 27, 2005

You're Almost Tall Now

Better check in as it's been a few days and then I have trouble remembering the cute stuff they did a couple days ago. I'll work backwards. Tonight we went to a BBQ at a person I work with's house. The kids had fun. Parker is not shy about playing with kids he doesn't know, so I'm hoping that playing with others at preschool will go as well. He doesn't always communicate alot with the other kids about what he wants to do with them, but that should improve at school. Emma wore her cheerleader skirt and had it covered with brownie frosting by the time we left. Earlier in the afternoon we went to some friends adoption open house party for their son. Once again the kids had fun playing with the other kids. They drank a ton of lemonade at both places and that could explain why they didn't sleep on the way home tonight! Earlier in the day we tried our first bath with Bosco (Choc Dog). The kids call him Chocolate Bosco. It did not go well at all. I feel really sorry for the pooch. Steve was determined to get him used to the water, but I'm thinking we should have maybe taken it a bit slower now since poor B didn't eat anything while we were gone and is cowering and nervous in his pen tonight. Poor thing yelled and tried to run while Steve tried to hose him down. Our neighbor came over as he wanted to make sure B hadn't hurt himself while we were gone. We used his strong collar and leash and Steve was finally able to wash him down a bit. He was so worn out (Steve and the dog). I'm not sure if he had been abused by water or if he just isn't used to it. He didn't try to snap or anything he just kept running off or howling. He had gone in earlier in the morning to get his stiches removed. He'd lost 2 lbs and loved the scale, wouldn't get off which the vet said is not normal, most dogs hate it I guess. We'll have to give him extra love for tomorrow. I have a feeling I'll be the favorite parent for awhile.

Last night I went scrapbooking and actually got some stuff done. I made an altered clipboard for Emma to hang in her room and I think I'll give it to her on her bday. Friday was P's last full day with Lauri for awhile. She said he didn't feel the best because of his drainage/horse voice/crud in his lungs. I think P is ready for Monday and Daddy is still trying to get used to the idea.

Thursday night can't remember much, but I know we did baths and when they were getting ready for bed Parker was looking at the measuring chart we have upstairs. He had me stand and said, "Mom you're 56. You're almost tall." The next day when he woke me up he said, "Mom, you're tall now!" He also likes to tell me on Saturday mornings (I'm usually the last one up), "Mom, you can't sleep all the day." He's so much like his father it's highly annoying!

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