Monday, September 10, 2007

Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy

This is homecoming week at Emma's school so today was Cowboy day. She was pretty excited to get to wear her new horsey shirt and Lauri's daughter Katy had sent home a cowboy hat with a horse on it for Emma awhile ago, so she was horsey from head to toe. After I left school I realized I should have tried to take a pic of her with one of the teachers who was dressed up - shoot! I also had to post this picture of Emma from Sunday School yesterday. She got on this rock and said, "Take my picture." This doesn't happen very often and I actually had my camera with. The crossed arms was one of her "poses." This week is cram packed with kids stuff and the weekend is too, so this entry will be short and sweet. I really want to get my scrap room "clean up" finished since later this week with be getting ready for party cleaning.

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