Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just a Smidge

Today Emma said she was just a smidge on the yellow. We couldn't get her tell us much about her "infraction" besides that it was for talking...shocking!! On the way in today she pointed out the principal's office and told about the kids from class who have been there. She also pointed out the seats you sit in to wait to go in and see him. (Remember he's the person with the "neck tag.") She said he wears that because he is in charge.

Parker had another soccer game tonight. We were missing 3 kids and only had 6. They play 5 on 5 so only one could sit out at a time. The other team had 9 so they had fresh legs. The Wings were still victorious!! We lost count after awhile. It's so nice to be on a team this year where the coach cares and has been teaching them skills. Winning isn't everything, but when you've always been on the teams that have gotten killed it's a nice change of pace! Then as we were leaving he of course asks if he can go home and play soccer.

On the way to the game I swung by WM to get a few pics printed for Saturday. I tried loading thru the website but since we have dial is not very successful or fast. I only wanted 12 4x6's and 4 5 x 7's printed. It seemed so easy. I did the one hour so that I could get them in time for the crop. Steve said he'd swing by and get them. I forgot to remind him to look at the pics and make sure everything was ok. Well it's WM so of course it wasn't. I am not a happy camper! I'll have to stop again tomorrow and then wait until they can print them again. Wow for 1 hour service it sure is a lot of work! 2 of my 5x7's were missing, 3 of my 4x6's were black (even though index print specifically shows them on there) and they overchaged me by 25 on each 4x6. I'm debating if I'll swing by HL on the way there tomorrow since they are having huge sales.....

Work has just been insane crazy this week so the weekend can not get here fast enough!

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