Saturday, September 22, 2007

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

The day started out fine. Kids off to school, went to work. Nothing really ticked me off at work anymore than usual. Then it everything changed on the way home....

Steve was heading back to his parents tonight and helping to clean at Grandpa's tomorrow so I was in charge of picking up the kids. I tried not to dally at work since I need to get Parker picked up by 5:15. Of course I was hoping to leave a few minutes earlier than I did at work, but I still had time. I was debating who to pick up first and decided to get Emma first. On the way it suddenly starts raining - I mean monsooning. It was honestly the worst rain I had ever driven though. Luckily I'm kind of familiar with the roads to her school, but still I was terrified. It's just a two lane road and there was no where to pull off for fear someone would drive right into the back of me. You couldn't see anything at ALL. I just forged ahead.... Finally after a few miles I get to Emma's school and the rain has let up a little. By this time it's 5:15 already. I get Emma (she was super excited because she picked a tube of dinosaurs from the treasure box today) and it's raining pretty hard again. She said she didn't want an umbrella and that she likes the rain. By the time we get to van she's hysterical because she's so wet. So now I'm listening to her crying. I call Lauri to tell her we're en route. We take off and I look down and a weird light is on the dashboard. Hmmm, wasn't sure what it was since we just got the van, but I think it was telling me I have tire either flat or losing air. Considering that it was still a monsoon I didn't want to be driving with a flat, I pulled over (we'd gone two blocks at this point) and I get out to check. A wave of rain hits me and I'm totally soaked..even down to my skivies. I get out and check and nothing is flat. I get back in. By this point the inside of the van is soaked and the floor mats are muddy. We finally get to Lauri's (and Emma has stopped crying by now). Guess what? The electricity is out! The rain let up a little when I picked up Parker and then drenched us on the way home. Since the electricity is out, we can't park in the garage so we park as close as we can to the front door. At least the rain let up a little again and the kids went inside. Someone else also darted inside.... an 85 lb lab named Bosco. He was wet and terrified. For some reason (he's not very smart and he's also scared of water) he hadn't taken shelter by his doghouse (he's also scared of his dog house, but it's still dry outside the house too). I'm guessing it suddenly started raining and he couldn't get to where his doghouse is so he hid under his bush. Although it's also covered near our front door so not sure why he didn't just sit there. Like I mentioned he's pretty dumb (but lovable). It was still raining and I couldn't physically get him back outside so I got a blanket for him to lay on by the door. Of course he didn't want to lay there, but a foot from the blanket. About 3 minutes after we're in, it stopped raining!

Then the kids (and I) immediately start having electricity withdrawl..... They can't understand that when the electricity is out it's everything. They start checking lights, TV's etc. We spend a few mintues trying to to get the dog back out with no success. The house is already getting pretty dark. We had planned on pizza tonight, but with no electricity they had sandwiches instead. We ate and hung out a bit in the room that had a little bit of light. We were all extremly bored and I was trying not to fall asleep because it was so dark. By this point, Bosco had dried off and had migrated over to where we were sitting. It's a little after 7 and I told them if the electricity stays out we'll probably go to bed in a bit. Then it's a miracle - there was light! Parker put his fist in the air in excitement and off we went to sweet TV and internet access. They were able to have popcorn. I had kind of forgotten the dog was in the house and while I was checking email (found out I had nothing selected for the next issue of Paper Crafts :-( ) out of the corner of my eye I see the dog. I was worried because he was now in the family room surrounded by plastic (and for him that's food). He jumped on the couch and immediately stuck his head behind the cushion. I think he was trying to be invisible. I still tried to pull him off and get him outside - no luck. He started watching TV and tried to be as still as possible so I wouldn't see him. In his defense he didn't once try to eat plastic. I was starting to get worried though since I figured he would need to use the "facilities" soon and as far as I know he isn't housebroken. I let the kids stay up a little late (of course P was still up at 6 today). The dog and I then watched a little TV and I kept nodding off. I still couldn't get him out - I even tried tricking him with his favorite chewy. I slept on the couch for a little bit and woke up about midnight. He's still laying there on the couch. (Of course he had picked my fave couch spot). Finally with some more tugging I got him outside. He gave me those really pitiful eyes. Not sure how today will go -if he'll try to come back in tonight. He had never ever tried to come in before. It's hard to get an 85 lb dog to move! The tire is now officially flat we are supposed to have soccer at 9. I was also going to run some errands - pick up Tiger Cub clothing, kids need a few clothes etc. today but that isn't going to happen now. And to top it off my back is killing me today.

Yesterday honestly felt like one of those dreams where you wake up and so much happened that didn't make sense and you're exhausted. It was no dream!

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