Monday, September 24, 2007


Probably about a year ago Parker acted like a cat ALOT... I always hoped he wasn't doing that at school. Apparently not since he seemed to have friends. Luckily the cat phase was short lived since it was more than a little awkard when you're at Walmart and he's meowing or trying to rub against your leg. Although actually that probably doesn't stand out much at WM now that I think about it. Anyway....last week and this week is intercession at school and his group is covering Fairy Tales. He was excited because they did a drama play (that's what he called it) and he got to be the cat in "Little Red Hen." He had his first pack meeting for Cub Scouts tonight. We had football practice first so he was probably a little ripe, oh well!

Miss Emma had her baton/tumbling tonight and came home with a cute pink Superstars lunch bag from the teacher. When I asked her about it she informed me it was for toys and was NOT a lunchbox. I'm picturing it holding her Polly Pockets very soon...or more likely rocks and sticks. She goes into school like she's been going there for months. She doesn't even want me to walk her in, but Mom did put her foot down on that. We pull up today and get out and there is a guy getting into his car. She says, "Mom, that man isn't Mr. Woods (the principal). He's not wearing a tag." I assume she means a badge/ID of some kind. Her school reminds me of my grade school growing up so I was suprised they'd have ID tags. No air, a sign that says visitors check in but no one does and bathrooms with little bitty toilets. She prefers the medium toilet. Anyway, we are walking in and she talks again about the tag. She points to her throat and says "He always wears a neck tag." I knew with her it's better to not correct her. Too cute!

Tuesday is a quiet night for us, so I'll probably tackle some laundry. I didn't get around to making anything for Scott's benefit this weekend...I can't get to my desk again, my organizing went horribly wrong and the mess is worse than ever, so I'm going to cheat and put together a basket of scrap goodies instead. Hope to do that tomorrow. Scrapping all day Saturday at a Scrap Pink crop (Breast Cancer awareness) and of course I have no pictures printed yet. Man I wish I could upload from home...errr.... I am looking forward to girl company for 12 hours.

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