Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A "Rockin" Good Time

Today was Emma's first day of sharing - her day is every Tuesday. She knew right away what she wanted to share... her rocks! She is a "bit" of a pack rat/collector and rocks are one of her favorite things to collect. I'm always finding rocks in her pockets or in the van that's she picked up. She wanted to take her shell rock and then also needed mountain rock, star rock and some others. I tried to get out of her how it went, but nothing. I'll have to find out if she talked everyone's ear off about the rocks. Not sure if the sharing happened before or after the "red light." She came home with her first red light. The kids are on green and can move to yellow and red if they are misbehaving. I guess she wasn't listening when the teachers were telling her to stay in line. She then was being a stinker when we tried to talk to her about it...sigh.... I waited to talk to her about thought till her ouchie was better. I guess she had a mishap while sliding down the firepole on the playground right before Steve picked her up and sat with an ice pack for awhile in that "area". I'm assuming it wasn't too serious since later when we were in at the playground tonight she went down the firepole again without incident!

Signed Parker up for Tiger Scouts tonight. It doesn't sound like a huge time commitment (whew) although gonna have to shell out a bunch of dough for the Scout duds! It sounds like they have a lot of fun activities planned for the year and I think Steve (and Parker too) will have a good time at them. Well better get the backpacks etc packed for tomorrow. I haven't been to good this week to do it in advance and it usually means I forget something!

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The Mom said...

Darn! I wish I hadn't gotten her birthday present already...I could have given her a few rocks from our yard! Glad she is liking school!