Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things

From Emma:
While driving by a corn field - "They are carvining corn. It looks like they got tired." (part of field still had corn left.)
While singing "People on the Bus" in the van the other day - "The driver on the bus says ooh, on , at...ooh on at....ooh, on at." I tried to correct her but that did not go well!
She says this about everything lately - "OMG." We told her Oh My God wasn't nice to say so she is now abbreviating.
While asking Parker about stuff - "Hey Bud. Do you want to play?" "What are you doing Bud?"

From Parker:
Guess What??? Guess What??? Guess What??? (This gets old fast)
After coming home from school the other day - "Guess what Mom? Anna told me your middle finger is like a swear word."
When asked why he had a bag of red poisonous berries on the counter from their fishing trip today - "Guess what Mom? Whenever an animal is being mean to a bird, I'll throw a berry to them."
The majority of his conversations though revolve around Pokemon...sigh...

Well the tire is now fixed and my horrible Friday and Saturday are over. We never made it to soccer practice on Saturday and I got a bruise on my shin while trying to find a part to the air hose. I spent today back home with my family helping to clean Grandpa's house. I am not used to cleaning so I am sore and very tired! I hate Sunday nights, that means Monday morning is coming soon. I used to like working and lately not so much. I guess I'm still just down I can't afford to work part time. Plus I thought DH tonight was new and it was just another recap show....errr....

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