Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Feet

Parker had another soccer game today. Their team has really come along and tonight they smoked the other team. There aren't scores, but apparently each kids still keeps track! The coaches have really been working on the kick and chase concept with them. Parker can really boot the ball and is getting better at following it. I think most kids tonight (with the exception of the two girls who chase butterflies) each scored a goal tonight and I'm glad since that makes each kid feel special. I think soccer will be a sport he wants to stick with. Right now we try pretty much everything during the year thru Parks and Rec. It's pretty low key (and cheap) and it gives them a chance to see what they like. To be honest when he was younger I really didn't know if he'd be very athletic. He's my little sensitive bookworm and I put him more into this stuff to get him to become more outgoing and gain confidence. He's got some fast little feet on him. At this age they still don't do tournaments, travel etc which is nice. When he gets older we'll probably be on the "circuit." They don't have indoor soccer here, but he has other sports he likes too so it's nice he doesn't get burned out from one. Mommy has also started teaching him piano, but I am terrible about remembering to have lessons....I need to work on that.

Emma has been busy with the homecoming stuff at her school this week. Last night was the parade and she rode on the hayrack and threw candy. I didn't get many decent pics while she was on the float (of course she was on the other side), but I got one of her on it before we left. We sat at watched at a friend's house to watch and P was the only kid there. The parade was maybe 15 minutes long and he got more candy then he ever would at the 4th of July parade back home. It was so heavy he couldn't carry it. Today was costume day.... first she was tinkerbell but said it was itchy, so then we switched to Cinderella. I was a single parent this morning so after all of this we barely got to the bus on time! Her outfit also came with a crown (that broke right after we got it) and princess shoes (that would fit a baby) so she wore her bachelorette/bday crown and her Thomas tennis shoes. I got some goofy pics of her this morning, but I couldn't get a full length one of her in her blue dress, wearing her Thomas shoes and carrying her Thomas lunch box. They are celebrating her bday tomorrow at school and also having a cake for her at daycare so she'll be busy!

I decided to take tomorrow off to get ready for the party. All the shopping is done, just the cleaning is left. It's pointless in cleaning to early in the week because of the kids and I won't be around much on Saturday to do anything, so I'm sacrificing a PTO day to do something I hate :-)

P.S. Cripes when did a 2 liter bottle of pop become $1.50!!!

P.S.S. Disappointed in BB....

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