Saturday, September 08, 2007

I Apologize to the Trees

Last night I spent two hours sorting out my old scrap magazines/books. I have a bit of a magazine/idea book addiction so there were alot....... I have a bookshelf in my scrapbook room and there were 3 shelves crammed full. I am now down to a little over a shelf (and that is without magazines piled on top of others). I have a stack that is taller than me that are going bye-bye. Steph and Roni (and whoever else) are going to made to go thru and pick out what they want. I ripped out a few things for ideas, but everything else must go! I kept 2007 and some of the stuff I liked from 2006 but that's pretty much it. I also put over a foot worth of old scrap catalogs into the recycling bin. Steve has the kids outside so I'm going to try to sort some more scrap stuff. It's even more chaotic than usual since I still have the garage sale stuff sitting in boxes up there too. I'm thinking I'm going to take over the closet in that room too.... I really would rather scrap, but I can't get to my table.

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