Monday, September 03, 2007

Smores and Stuff

We headed out to the park over by Creston for a Labor day picnic with Grandma and Grandpa Blue House and the Roofs. We had the traditional weinies over a gas induced fire and followed it up with smores. According to Grandpa Smores are not a dessert, they're just a snack. I got a couple good pics that I might have to try to scrapbook. Since they are just a snack we later followed that up with a Chocolate Fudge Cake from WM. During all of this they found a caterpillar that had already formed a crysalis (sp) on a stick. They put it in a cup and later Emma gets excited. We went over and it was shedding from his skin. I'm not for sure what happens with him next? I'm not good with science, but Judi said these wouldn't make a cocoon. I'm going to try to attach a video of it. Very cool!

Later we went on a walk over to the beach area and P, E and Laura splashed around for awhile. Of course the kids (Laura excluded) proceeded to get their shorts and most of their shirts wet. We knew that leaving would cause Emma to be "unhappy" and so there was a big unhappy face on the walk back. I also knew she was exhausted by this point and fell asleep quickly on the way home. Of course she had a big nap and is now up and wired. It may suck getting her up for school tomorrow!

I swear I spent over a half an hour tonight filling out forms/writing checks etc for school - pictures, intersession (the addt'l two weeks of classes the kids can take during their 3 week break that's coming up in a couple weeks), book orders etc and also a couple upcoming crops. I guess that's why I can't afford to go half time at work :-(

Well better see if I can get E to start winding down.....

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cornellgj said...

Hey Jen...found your blog through my blog! :) Good luck with the bead submissions! See you on the 29th!